Dining Room

Simply click on the 'Add to list button' under any of the items in the list to add the selected item to your removal list.  Once you have added all of the items required to the removal list, you can proceed to the checkout to get your quote.  The quote generated is based on the distance between your pickup destination and the delivery address.

Book Box - 3.00 Cu Ft

Book Case - 10.00 Cu Ft

Dining Chairs - 6.00 Cu Ft

Dining Table/ Large - 50.00 Cu Ft

Dining Table/ Medium - 30.00 Cu Ft

Dining Table/ Oval - 30.00 Cu Ft

Dining Table/ Round - 40.00 Cu Ft

Dining Table/ Small - 22.50 Cu Ft

Large Box - 275-350mm 0.2kg - 4.50 Cu Ft

Sewing Machine - 12.00 Cu Ft

Small Box - 275-350mm 0.2kg - 3.00 Cu Ft

Umbrella Stand - 5.00 Cu Ft

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