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Top tips for moving home.

We all know moving home can be a stressful and testing time, we at Removal Genie would like to change that, we will do this by simply changing perspective on the entire spectrum of removals.

Here is our advice for keeping happy,

  1. 1. PACK EARLY, pack super early and stay ahead on your move so you don’t get caught out. There is plenty of non-essential items that can be put away long in advance of your move. Think about whether that set of china from your in-laws needs to stay out on the table… We offer full packing service, including packaging materials, to make life a lot easier for you and your family. Remember to label every single box so you know – which room it belongs to and what it contains.

  2. 2. Make a priority list of items you will need the few days before the move, such as toothbrush, a few sets of clothes, household utility paperwork and your account details, phone chargers, and most importantly… Your coffee!

  3. 3. Pack an overnight bag for every member of the family, containing the essentials you will need for the move itself, and for the first night in your new home. Tablets for the kids, phone chargers and snacks for mum and dad.

  4. 4. Be RUTHLESS, have no mercy when you are sorting through your household goods and clothes, figure out what it is that you really need to keep. This will save you an immense of time in the long run, as the saying goes: ‘Clear space, Clear mind ‘

  5. 5. Schedule a food delivery to arrive at your new home on the day of arrival, this will save you and the family lugging around the supermarket late at night when all you feel like doing is relaxing after a day’s travelling and removal.

Our goal at Removal Genie is to take away the bad stigma associated with moving, and show our customers that it’s not so bad! We are here to help every step of the way